Monday, November 8, 2010


(Submitted by Ayush)
It is my private universe, as I sit amidst incessant chatter which fills the space. They are my savior; words, also my bane. I am a stranger in a world which screams of a familiarity which stifles me. We share a mutual understanding of not knowing who we are. I don’t fit in their scheme of things, they don’t in mine. Life just passed by me I think, when I was busy soaking rain, eating dirt, lost beyond the interest of the flesh. They have their own conservations I mine. I wish I would go unnoticed, drift through this uneasy moment we share. They seem so happy, all of them; and me calm, and impervious maybe to the joy they thrive on. There are simple aspirations I have, simple dreams, and simple joys.The bright smile on their faces entice me. I regret only being a glow in this bright world. I hope I will learn, and I hope I find a corner nearby, where I am warm with the glow in my heart, with the bright lights of their world twinkling in my eyes. The End.

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