Monday, November 8, 2010

No .. No .. Nops

(Submitted by Ayush)
‘Learn to say ‘no’ to the good so you can say ‘yes’ to the best.”
No. Nah. Nope/Nopes. Is it so difficult to say these words? Yes, it is. I agree saying “Yes” is much more easier than saying “No”, but at what price to your peace of mind? Many of us grow up to be people pleasers (I’m kinda one of them). The word “No” drops out of our vocabulary, and we substitute lots of ways to be agreeable and keep the other person happy.
People who have difficulty saying “No” often believe that they are expected to say “Yes”. Deep down if they really wish to say “No”, but are unable to, tampers their peace of mind. They feel they’re constantly under some pressure. It eventually becomes a burden.
“Yes and No are very short words to say, but we should think for some length of time before saying them.”
Everyday there are countless requests waiting for you from people surrounding you. By people I mean, your friends or even family members and sometimes people whom you don’t even know. When people always expect something or the other from you, does not mean you’ve to always say “Yes” to them and do their work. Sometimes your work is of much more importance than theirs. In situations like these, saying “No” can be good for you, instead of being a yes man all the time. And saying “No” isn’t a selfish act that you’ve to feel guilty about. Let go of the guilt, because if you don’t, then it’s only going to add stress in your life.
I’m also not saying that, you’ve to always say “No”. Sure, there are some instances when someone really needs your help to complete some work or anything. This is the right time to say “Yes”. So, the trick here is to prioritize the things that you feel are important to you and let go of others.
The best ways to say “No” is to say the truth. Lacking confidence and giving lots of reasons supporting your “No” to convince the other person that you mean it can sometimes backfire you. Because when the lie is exposed, you’ll need some other reasons to support your lie. Giving stupid reasons sure won’t help, infact it will only hurt the other person. So, the truth is always the best way to turn down a friend, a family member or co-worker.
Saying “No” won’t be easy if you’re used to saying “Yes” all the time. But learning to do so is very important. I sometimes feel small kids are better than us, atleast they know when to say “No” and they are so adamant while doing it. We need to learn somethings from them.
Atleast I wanna learn it :P

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