Monday, November 8, 2010

The best things in life …

(Submitted by Ayush)
“The best things in life are not things.” -Author Unknown. Came across this quote yesterday. I couldn’t have agreed more. In the kind of lives that we lead today, it’s easy to overlook that life is more than just acquiring the latest cell phone or the next promotion at office. Life is a journey that would hold true meaning only if we pay attention to the marvels that are often present right in front of us. How often do we smile? How often do we make someone smile? How often do we say “I love you” to the people we cherish? When was the last time you did something you absolutely adore? Life can be cruel, but it can be fun too! A whole lotta fun when you spend time with the best things in your life. What do you think are the best according to you? I am enlisting some (in no particular order) :

Mother’s love
Dancing to your favorite music when you are alone at home
Falling in luv
Getting flowers from someone
Unexpected rain
Getting a genuine compliment
Giving someone a genuine compliment and making them smile
Getting a call after years from an old friend
Luving someone more than yourself
Laughing hard for no reason!
Laughing at yourself
A good conversation
A shoulder to cry on
Having a friend who would listen to you bawl and still not cringe Chocolate
Someone telling you that you’re beautiful
 Having a song that makes you cry when you want to let it out
Getting butterflies in your stomach every time you see that special one
 Being appreciated for who you are
An unexpected peck on the cheek from your loved ones
Hugging the person you love.
Giving someone a gift that they adore
Having friends who make you laugh
Going through old photographs
Making a child laugh
If nethinn else comes in your mind,plz post :)

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