Monday, November 8, 2010

Just a mortal after all…

(Submitted by Ayush)
man_on_beachIsn’t it ironical when the only person you want to make smile is the one who makes you cry always, and yet there is someone who manages to make YOU smile, always? When you care for someone a great deal, all you ever want to do is make them happy. See them smile. See them laughing. With you. That’s all there is to life, for you. But then, somewhere down the line, you yourself tend to forget to smile. You forget to be happy. You are too oblivious to your own happiness then. And then somehow, from somewhere, God sends an angel, who reminds you of you. Who reminds you of your smiles. It then seems that the sole raison d’être for this angel is to make you happy, and yet the angel does not fear being happy itself. The angel does not forget, like you did, to smile. And then you realize, you are just a mortal after all.

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