Monday, November 8, 2010

We the boys !

(Submitted by Ayush)

Well the topic is anatomy of boy’s mind .Ya they have theirs minds in perfect place it’s only when they see a beautiful girl that their senses starts leaving n their wits end n they are short of words. Suddenly, their adrenaline levels start increasing, they can neither control their flow of emotions not the nascent smile plastered on their faces .If there is any beautiful girl around they have this unique six sense that works in their favour n they can trace her within minutes no seconds .Whenever they are with any beautiful girl their mental level drops from say level 5 x to x n in the end they end up doing wierd stuffs n the girl in question is like WHAT?
Every boy is born differently with different values, different thoughts, and different perceptions n different outlook towards life. So , every boy needs to be tackled differently .If one kind of talks can sooth one , the same type of talks can offend others n same kind of talk can irritate other .So, the key is to maintain the balance n behave in the way that is acceptable to the other.
What is going on in the boy’s mind that any girl can measure in a split second .From that one single look , one single smile or one single action n sometimes it so happens that they end up making a fool of themselves in front of everyone.
But at heart basically every boy is weak .However hard he tries to project himself strong n manly but the truth is they have a very very delicate heart .They care for you like anything , when you are in some difficulty they are the ones who show you the way out .They are their for you as your friends , as your partners in crime or your initiatives. When they like you ,u can measure their thoughts in seconds they have such an expression on their face , such a reverberance in their voice , such a feeling in their heart .That it is difficult to ignore them.

Even they have everything in the world but they are gasping for your word , your talks , your thoughts n your reactions. When they are with you they are complete , when distant then also they are happy but ……………………………ALONE.

Inside every boy there is a child who wants love, who is desperate for attention n care n who is delicate n soft but projects to be rock solid n steady . They need a girl who can tame their habits, mend their ways n spoil their thoughts n actions.

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