Monday, November 8, 2010


(Submitted by Ayush)
The other day, my mother commented on me being never satisfied with anything in life and I nodded my head in agreement. I pondered over what she and many others have said about me. So, maybe I’ll never BE fully satisfied with what I get but isn’t that human? What happens when we achieve total satisfaction? What happens when you stop wanting more things in life? Life is always a pursuit of something. There is always a motive, a goal to be achieved that drives us to rise up early each day and go to work even if that means missing out on “FRIENDS”, “MIND YOUR LANGUAGE” and “DIFFERENT STROKES” in the wee hours of the morning(*sob*). But seriously, if we stopped wanting more things, what would we be living for? We’d be doing our chores daily without ever knowing WHY. There would be no purpose to it and trust me, that can drive you crazy (SERIOUS!). We would merely exist, but cease to LIVE. What difference then between fauna and us humans? Man is constantly in search of meaning, a goal, happiness and peace while animals lack cognition and live for survival alone. Many of us are satisfied with what we’re doing but that fades away in time and we start wanting newer things and work towards achieving those. The confused lot (including Yours Truly :P ) lacks a goal and hence, is always unstable. They want to dig a spoon everywhere to see which taste they like the best and they don’t know which icecream bucket to start from! It makes you insecure, scared of your own self, unsure about yourself and everything else in life, and believe me, nothing can get worse than that. It needs a lot of control on the mind to be able to know what you want, to work towards it, to FOCUS! Not all of us are lucky enough to be born with a clear vision but we can certainly discover it.
We also need to understand and accept things that we feel we don’t want (this one’s for me– trying to convince my conscience that “it’s not that bad, it’s okay, calm down”! :D ).
It’s strange that you can decide so easily for others but when it comes to your own self, you’re puzzled. Discovering yourself is not easy, but once you’ve done it, life cannot get any better! :)

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